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The marine industry ranging from ships to oil rigs and docks make an extensive use of valves most of which are installed in positions difficult or inaccessible to the operators, or the valve may require a secondary operating position as in the case of fire within a compartment. Remote manual rotary control systems enable the valve operating position to be extended to a safe and convenient position for the valve operator.

Chadburns-Mollart PT range of remote rotary controls will provide all the fittings to achieve a remote valve control system from short valve extensions to extensive systems.
Most types of valves can be accommodated such as ball, butterfly, gate, and globe, also valves with rising spindles.

In the case of high torque valves reduction gearboxes can be supplied.
Non spark fittings can be supplied for use in flammable or explosive areas.
Chadburns-Mollart PT will assist in the design of valve control systems that includes the design and manufacture of special components that may be required for these systems.