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Fixed Ratio Gearboxes:

Chadburns-Mollart PT produces two basic forms of gearboxes: 2 way mitre/bevel boxes to turn the drive through 90° and 3 way mitre/bevel boxes to transmit the drive at 90° on a through drive line. Mitre boxes provide a 1:1 ratio drive, whilst bevel boxes provide reduction drives of 2:1, and 5:2. A third type of 3 way box known as a three gear box is available, this gearbox reverses the rotation of the through drive line.

The gearbox bodies can be supplied suitable for side (and lug) or flange mounting, most can be offered with different types of bearings: leaded bronze, dry Tufnol or ball bearing. The bodies are normally cast iron with mild steel shafts, but alternatives are available.


Variable Angle Gearboxes:

The UNI-JOINT drive produced by Chadburns-Mollart PT is a 2 way drive in which the output shaft can be continuously varied from 0° to 90° and rotated at right angles through 360°. This is an open gearbox that can be offered in various materials.