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Chadburns-Mollart PT is a leading world manufacture of manual and power transmission products for use in land and sea applications with a long and established heritage.

 The Chadburn history in the marine industry is over 200 years old, and is well known for marine controls. In the last fifty years the company expanded to incorporate the products of A. Robinson Ltd, who also produced similar range of products, both were Liverpool based companies. The Robinson range now forms the major part of our manual transmission equipment.  Standage Power Couplings Ltd a company over 70 years old provided the third range of power transmission products. These company names have been retained to identify our current product range.

Mollart Engineering Ltd was established in 1929 and from this early period they produced quality universal joints, Chadburns-Mollart PT acquired its present range of Mollart products in 2003.

Chadburns-Mollart PT also manufactures the Henry Wilson Electrostatic filters products for commercial and military applications. Henry Wilson and its former companies have been manufacturing these filters for over fifty years.

Chadburns-Mollart PT was formed in 2001 from Wideney plc following a de-merger of this group and Mollart PT in 2003 from a similar de-merger of the Mollart group, thereby providing a facility incorporating decades of experience in the design and manufacture of these products, together with continuity of supply to our valued customers.

Our factory in Paisley provides a controlled environment using modern techniques and modern CNC machinery to manufacture our products.

We have on-site CAD/CAM facilities for the design, planning and manufacture of special components.

All our products are quality controlled to international standards with independent quality assessors.