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Chadburns-Mollart PT Robinson range of manual rotary transmission components has a heritage of more than 75 years in the marine industry, for the remote control of valves and manual actuators commonly known as rod gearing.

The wide range of standard components can be produced in various materials to meet the needs of the working environment such as corrosive conditions, low magnetic permeability and spark resistance. Various types of bearings are available: plane, ball, and lubricant free.

Chadburns-Mollart PT range of universal joints may also be used in marine applications where high specification solutions are required, such as fitted in the ‘Astute’ class of nuclear submarines.
Chadburns-Mollart PT standard range of products can be adapted, redesigned and manufactured to meet the special requirements of our customers, such as military submerged control systems. We also manufacture transmission components to our customer’s own design and specifications.  

All the equipment is manufactured under ISO9001 UKAS Quality Management System, and complies with UK Defence Standard 02-361.

Our customers include: UK Ministry of Defence, International Navies, BAE, Babcock Marine, BVT, ship repairers, yacht builders, DML