Chadburns Mollart - Power Transmission for Land, Sea & Air


Chadburns Mollart


Chadburn-Mollart PT manufactures a large range of components for remote control of valves and other equipment in the marine industry for both commercial and military applications. The ‘Robinson’ range is mainly the remote control of valves that are inaccessible in normal operation or require remote operation in the case of an emergency situation. The equipment is suitable for hand operation or low speed power operation.

The standard range includes shaft sizes of 19.1mm, 25.4mm and 31.8mm, with non standard sizes from 12.7mm to 50.8 available on request.

The torque ratings of the standard range are: 19.1mm dia. = 52NM, 24.4mm dia. = 113NM & 31.8mm dia. = 170NM. Fittings manufactured in high tensile steel with higher torque ratings are available on request.


The materials used in the stand range are: cast iron, steel, leaded bronze, gunmetal, aluminium bronze and Tufnol. Alternative materials such as aluminium, and stainless steel, can be offered for certain components. Special designs are available for operation in sea water, crude oil and other adverse operating conditions.


A large part of our range is approved by the UK MoD and complies with UK Defence Standard 02-361